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Rent arrears.

We are constantly working pro-actively to monitor the tenants monthly rent payments, but should rent arrears happen our aim is to help the tenants resolve the situation as quickly as possible, whilst keeping you fully updated along the way liebherr gebrauchsanweisungen und benutzerhandbücher herunterladen. Should litigation be required in order to resolve matters of rent arrears, any solicitors fees arising from follow on legal work carried out are not covered in our monthly management charge, but within reason we do not make extra charges for any help and time we put in to the process of recovering property or lost rent.​

More properties?

All fees shown relate to one property given to us but if you are considering giving us a number of properties to either rent or manage then we will tailor a portfolio proposal to meet your needs zoom rooms.

Other notes.

Our full Tiger Management Service is comprehensive but we do regret that Tiger Property Partners cannot cover certain additional costs connected to any maintenance work that has to be carried out on your property during our management of it coole musik kostenlos herunterladen. The landlord has a legal duty to maintain the property so the monthly management fees we charge do not cover extra costs arising from annual gas safety inspections, electrical safety inspections, gardening or cleaning etc treiber für pc herunterladen. ​ Unless you have instructed us otherwise in all but emergencies we would always consult with you beforehand on any work that is deemed required. Many of our landlord clients agree in advance to default power of authority to ourselves when organising minor works costing up to about £100, but we’d always check with you first before undertaking works costing more than this mp3 for free without registration.