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When letting a property we will always ask for a tenant deposit and in certain cases we may require you to provide us with a Guarantor. In this eventuality your guarantor would be required to commit in writing before the tenancy begins that they accept to step in and pay the rent for you at any point during the tenancy if you cannot. This is usually a parent, grandparent or legal guardian who will perform this function, but can be anyone who is a homeowner. We would also require the guarantor to sign the tenancy agreement.

To download a credit referencing form please click here

Temporary holding deposits.

​​​​If you cannot move in for 2 weeks or more we may require you to hold your required property by paying a holding deposit (usually £200). This is not an additional fee but a part payment towards the overall deposit. Please note however that should you withdraw for whatever reason after committing to take the property you may automatically lose this holding deposit.